eXFinancial, Inc. Business Client Information Form

This form must be completed for all clients that will be working with us for all TaxPLUS365 services, including Schedule C, Business Tax Returns, Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Advisory services.  This form allows us to get to know your business so that we can best serve you and ensure that you are saving on your taxes, have accurate numbers, increasing your business cash flow, and moving toward the FREEDOM you want outside your business walls.  

Our goal is to drive exponential growth by providing corporate-level services within a small business budget. We believe that Corporations are Big because they have better resources and we want to help you grow, not necessarily bigger but Better. Let's get started by first providing you our TaxPLUS365 service, which automates your accounting and helps you pay to apply tax benefits that keep your business cash flowing your way. 

Spiceda Davis Jackson is a former Big 4 Advisory CPA, CEO Founder of eXfinancial Inc and TaxPLUS365.com, a small business accounting advisory firm.  

Spiceda is also a Business Financial Strategist and Accounting Advisor to small businesses and hard-working individuals who want to work with an accountant that will help them put their money to work and their mind to rest.

She is an Advisory Accountant who has advised notable Fortune 500 companies. Spiceda is skilled in financial statements audits, financial statement structuring for business loans, deals, investments, carve-out, and capital requests; 

She has advised brands such as Sara Lee, Hanesbrand, Delta, and BP.

Her heart changed to a focused desire to help small businesses "grow big" after helping one of her big clients acquire a small business for $10 million when it was worth $35 million. 

Being a part of that deal is why she founded eXfinancial Inc to help small businesses have access to the same secrets that big companies have that help them reduce their taxes and reinvest more profit. 

She is the same Big 4 CPA today, but now she shares her over 25 years of experience with small businesses to provide them the edge and access to grow their business and deliver exponential value.